With our pricing system, you get more SMS units the more you buy. There is no maximum limit or expiry date for units you may purchase at any time.

    To buy SMS units, simply recharge your account with any amount you want to deposit. You are then charged 2.00($0.0055) per each bulk SMS message sent.

Please note that the pricing above is for our normal route. As a result, it doesn’t include delivery using the CORPORATE ROUTE which ensures delivery to ACTIVE  DND(Do Not Disturb) numbers.

Price for delivery to DND numbers using our corporate/financial route is ₦3.50($0.00945) and can reduce  depending on your volume. This ensures 100% delivery to all DND numbers included in your contact lists. Kindly contact us for more information.

For Voice SMS, pricing is at 0.80k($0.0022) per second of message recorded

Whatsapp SMS is priced at ₦2 per message, and can vary(reduce) depending on volume.

You can always contact us for negotiations if you have a very high volume of users to send messages to.