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10 Reasons Why the Best Marketers Use Bulk SMS

The Best Marketers Use Bulk SMS!

Are you new in a business? Do you have a business that has been running for a while? Or maybe you are thinking of starting one in the near future? Well, whichever category you fall, you can’t deny the fact that marketing should be an integral part of your business structure, if only you wish to increase your customer base, keep existing ones and generate more income.

Here are ten (10) reasons why the best marketers thinks bulk SMS for their marketing campaigns:

  • IT’S RELATIVELY CHEAP AND AFFORDABLE : When compared to other mediums of marketing, bulk SMS is far cheaper, and lots of businesses, both small scale and large scale ones can afford this. They can spend less on marketing while defraying other expenses with the little income they get. Just think about what it cost to do media marketing, bill boards campaigns, use of hand bills and the likes, and you will agree use of SMS is much cheaper.
  • THE DELIVERY IS INSTANT : Unlike other marketing platforms where it might take a sizeable length of time to get the message across to existing and prospective customers, bulk SMS is quite fast and instant in delivery. Take for example using your website or blog as the sole marketing platform, it shows that if people don’t visit these channels, then they don’t get your message, while it could take 10secs or less to get it across via SMS. Just think about it.
  • IT HAS AN EXTENSIVE OUTREACH : An average phone user checks his phone about 110 times a day, according to a statistic by a screen lock app. That average 6-7 times per second. Now that is massive for your marketing campaign. Unlike emails, where it takes time before many persons check them and also internet access dependent, mobile phones are always handy and at the beep of the device, you can be sure your audience gets the message instantly.
  • ITS EASIER TO INTEGRATE “CALL TO ACTION” : This is where the value comes for your bulk SMS marketing. A call to action is that thing you want the recipient of your message to do after reading it. This might be buying a product, ordering for something or subscribing to your SMS campaign. All of these brings value to your establishment.
  • IT HAS MORE RESPONSE RATE: Studies has shown that people are more likely to respond to a call to action through SMS than from other mediums of marketing. This is because cell phones are always close by, and it cost very little to return a message.
  • IT HELPS TO KEEP CUSTOMERS’ TRUST: Many successful business men and women use bulk SMS to get their customers closer to the firm. In cases where it is not objected to, they even get dates that are special to these ones like their birthdays and remember to send them goodwill messages on these days. When your clients feel you notice him as an individual, he is more likely to stick with you.
  • THE SUCCESS CAN EASILY BE MEASURED: Because a ‘call to action’ is always added at the end of a mobile marketing message, it is easier to measure the success of the campaign. If it is to subscribe to something, to visit a website, to order for something or whatsoever it is, you can tell if the actions are taken easily and therefore measure the success of the endeavor.
  • IT INCREASES THE FIRM’S GENERAL PRODUCTIVITY: Since it is far easier to use SMS for your marketing campaign than many other mediums, it saves time. Therefore, little time can be spent on this facet of your business and more time devoted to other equally rewarding affairs. As such, general productivity increases.
  • IT CAN GIVE A CLEAR PICTURE OF CUSTOMER BASE: People generally don’t pass by the opportunity to get discounts on something they find very important. In most cases, they jump at it. When you offer promos to your existing customers through SMS, you can easily now how many of the still finds you relevant. If you do not get enough action from them, you will know there is something you are not doing well, and adjust accordingly.
  • IT CAN BE AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE FACE OF YOUR BUSINESS: Marketing is undeniably important for your business. It is no crime to have other mediums of marketing, but adding SMS to it will only increase the possibilities of making your business grow, and sporadically at that.

Many successful business men and women have recognized the viability of the above reasons and use bulk SMS marketing to drive their business. Lots of clients on Bullion SMS equally use the bulk SMS gateway for their businesses and have great success stories.

If you have a business, be it small scale or large scale, you can also register a free bulk SMS account and watch it transform your sales. You’ll get free SMS units once registered to test the quality of the service.

Do you currently use bulk SMS for your business? Use the comment box below to share your experience with us. Questions and inquiries concerning this are also welcome.

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    Good article. I will be dealing with many of these issues as well..

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