SMS short code is a 5 or 6 digit number, just like a phone number, but shorter and easier to remember.
SMS short codes are used to receive and send out text messages to consumers and are issued by the shortcode provider. Shortcodes are leased on a yearly basis by companies or SMS service providers and big brands are making a killing and with our setup you too can make huge returns.

There are two types of shortcodes:

  • Shared Shortcodes
  • Dedicated Shortcodes

Shared ShortCodes

If you’re just starting out with SMS marketing, a shared short code is the most cost-effective way to send your mobile messages.

We want our benefits working for you.

A shared short code differs from a dedicated shortcode in that it’s a shared number; multiple businesses are using that same number to send marketing messages. Since our shared shortcodes have already been provisioned by carriers, setting yours up is quick and easy.

Shared short code uses keywords to operate and keywords are just prefix letters that redirect the SMS traffic to your own inbox. Keywords are normally between 3 – 11 characters. They can also be alphanumeric. For example text VOTEContestant100 to 33333. In this example, VOTE is the keyword and Contestant101 is being voted for. Shared short codes can be used for:

  • SMS Competitions
  • SMS Voting
  • Text 2 Win promotions
  • Information services
  • SMS Quiz
  • Prize draws
  • Selling eBooks and Songs
  • Charity SMS donations
  • Redeemable mobile SMS vouchers

We will provide an online web console for easy access to your short code messages real-time.

NOTE: Setup costs N0.00 but a Monthly Access Fee of N50,000 applies, payable bi-annually or anually. Setup comes with one (1) keyword. Setup duration is 72hrs after payment.

Dedicated ShortCodes

Dedicated shortcodes are presently unavailable

How To Sign Up:

  • Fill our registration form. Click here to download
  • Decide which platform you want – Dedicated or Shared
  • Make payment to our bank details in the form
  • Upon activation, you can provide us with a Application URL to sweep the sms traffic to you. If you are not doing integration, then you can use our SMS Inbox to view and download your sms statistics.Send the completed form via email to  for processing

A brief illustration of your shortcodes dashboard is given below:




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